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The symbol on the Montserrat Flag shows a woman standing very close to a yellow harp embracing a cross. 


To show respect to the earlier European settlers, the flag of Montserrat bears the insignia of the shamrock .






Admission Requirements… 

 Admission to all medical (MD, DO, MBBS, NMD) curricula require the previous completion of the following prerequisites:

·        A Bachelor's Degree or successful completion of 'A' levels or their equivalent in the country where taken, specializing in premedical sciences or related science area is preferred of all applicants;

·        A minimum of 60 credit hours of qualifying College or University instruction or the equivalent is requested for admission to the MBBS program, and 90 credit hours or the equivalent for admission to MD, DO, or NMD, programs. The above credits must contain the following courses / modules:

·        Not less than one academic year of instruction in each of the following subjects:  General Biology, General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Maths / Computer Sciences, and English Composition; 

·        One half year of Advanced level General Physics, or one year of General Physics;

·        One year of social sciences and / or liberal arts;

·        All courses are taught in the English language.  Fluency in the English language and competency based writing skills are required. A TOEFL, IELTS, or English as a Second Language (ESL) examination may be required where proficiency in the English language must be established;

·        A current police security check in the locality of residence upon application. Note: Applicants with prior convictions for other than traffic violations or other minor incidents must apply for a waiver for enrolment, and the University can not guarantee that they will qualify for professional licensure upon completion of the MD or other licensable medical program.  The Police security check is required of all applicants who plan to pursue study in the medical career field where patient contact may be implicated.

·        A copy of the face pages of the applicant's Passport, to be used for proof of identification only.  The name on the application and the diploma or other final qualification must agree with the passport name.

·        All Prerequisite courses are reviewed for adequacy on an individual, case by case basis.  Individual courses or modules  in which the final grade earned was less than a 2.0 (C minus) or the equivalent in the educational system taken may not be considered as having met the prerequisite qualification, and must be repeated as a corequisite or where so indicated prior to final matriculation.

 Graduate Entry Program …

 The Graduate Entry Program for Health Professions is designed for applicants who have previously earned advanced degrees in areas of Healthcare or the Biological Sciences. Qualified applicants with a Doctoral degree may complete the remaining requirements for award of the MD degree in as little as 25 months, based on the previous relevant coursework completed and the degree of medical qualification currently held. Applicants with an MS or higher degree may complete the MD program in as little as 25 to 32 months, also depending on previous courses completed, the duration of the hiatus in-between studies since completion of their last academic program, the professional area of their previous study, and their career field(s) of recent employment. 


Note:  Transfer credits from other Institutions are determined via conventional procedures for Institutions of Higher Education on a course by course basis. Applicants who have completed parts of their medical education via distance learning even if from an IMED listed program  will be required to undertake proctored competency or proficiency examinations in those subjects before transfer credit can be assigned in any medical curriculum.


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